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Compassionate Hospice Care in Visalia

An Experience That Honors Your Loved One’s Life

Empathetic End of Life Care 

At Casa Grande, we understand that individuals with terminal illnesses wish to live out the rest of their days as comfortably and peacefully as possible. With relief from the pain, people in hospice care are able to focus on what truly matters to them, rather than managing a set of symptoms.


Casa Grande Senior Care Homes believes in compassionate care at every moment. At our senior living community, we provide hospice care that:

  • Provides end of life comfort care
  • Allows for extended time with loved ones
  • Works with the entire family to make the most of time left together
  • Is individualized to specific conditions and specific needs

The choice to stop treatment for a terminal illness is a huge decision. If the treatment is not working and is causing more grief than good, it may be best to choose to stop attempting to cure the disease and focus on what truly matters. While many struggle to choose hospice care because it feels like they are “giving up,” hospice care doesn’t mean that you must halt all medical care. It means that the focus is on quality of life rather than curing a terminal disease. 

When Is Hospice Care an Option?

You are eligible for hospice care if your doctor has diagnosed you with a terminal illness and death is expected in six months or less. Hospice care is still an option after six months should your doctor determine that you still have only a few months to live. 

Can You Leave Hospice Care? 

You don’t necessarily have to permanently choose hospice care. For example, if you have cancer, you might decide to stop chemotherapy treatments and enter hospice care. In hospice, you are allowed to change your mind, stop hospice care, and begin treatment again. Sometimes, people recover from their illness unexpectedly and leave hospice, though they can return later if they need to. 

What is Hospice Care Like?

Hospice care will look different for everyone depending on specific needs and circumstances. It will start with the care team meeting and determining the best course of action to reduce symptoms and pain. You will receive regular check-ups, and you will have access to your healthcare team 24 hours a day. 


Hospice care includes monitoring by a doctor and nurses, as well as health aides who can assist with daily living tasks. In addition, they may include spiritual services such as access to a chaplain, a social worker or counselor, pain medication, nutrition advice, speech therapy, physical therapy, and counseling for your loved ones. 

Contact Casa Grande Senior Care Homes in Visalia

At Casa Grande Senior Care Homes, we are happy to provide hospice care to those who are at the end of their life. If you or your loved one are in need of hospice care in Visalia, contact us to get started. 


“My mother is in memory care at Casa Grande. We chose it because of proximity to my home, it's clean and cheerful, and the facility has what she needs, like activities, games, and large common areas where visitors come in and put on religious music. They have outings for those who are interested and able. They have a hair stylist who comes in if you need that, food and their own kitchen, a podiatrist who comes in on a schedule, a doctor if you choose to use them, and hospice can come in if necessary. The rooms are a nice size. The staff is friendly and personable.”
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