At our Visalia assisted living facility, we specialize in providing a comfortable environment where it feels like you have family. The rooms come fully furnished, but we encourage residents to bring in their own furniture and personal belongings to make it feel more like home. Here are some of the accommodations we have available to provide for our residents.

  • Weekly Housekeeping & Linen Service

    One of the greatest advantages of moving out of your home and into an independent living community is that you don’t have to maintain your own household anymore. At Casa Grande, we offer a weekly housekeeping and linen service so you can easily keep your apartment tidy and clean without the stress of housework.
  • Laundry Service

    Laundry is another chore that becomes more burdensome as we age. Fortunately, seniors at our independent living community don’t have to worry about finding coins for the washing machine or carrying cumbersome laundry baskets. We can take care of it for them with our full laundry service.
  • Three Nutritious Meals & Snacks Daily

    One of the biggest struggles seniors face when they are living alone is ensuring they have adequately met their nutritional needs. Whether they have an ailment that has limited their ability to cook for themselves, they have less of an appetite, or they have less of a desire to cook, they don’t have to worry about our senior living community.
  • Stimulating Intellectual, Physical, Recreational & Spiritual Activities

    As seniors age, they may become bored, lonely, or restless. It’s important for these individuals to remain active and social as possible. At Casa Grande, we prioritize our residents’ mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health by providing a wide range of activities from which they can choose.
  • Sun Room with Grand Piano

    We are proud of our gorgeous sunroom, which includes a grand piano anyone may play if they like. Music is one of the most powerful tools we have as individuals to connect with others and keep cognitively sharp, so we are happy to provide our residents with this important outlet.
  • On-site Activities Director

    To ensure that our residents are provided with all of the activities they would possibly desire, we have a full-time, on-site activities director. This position ensures that we are able to connect seniors with resources in the community and to plan events that will appeal to a wide selection of our residents.
  • Comfortable Living & Social Meeting Areas with Ample of Reading Material

    We want to make sure that our residents are never left lonely and isolated in their rooms. That’s why we make sure that our common areas are comfortable and inviting, giving seniors the opportunity to socialize with other residents. We also provide a variety of reading materials so your senior loved one always has access to entertainment they can enjoy in the comfort of an armchair.
  • Party Room

    At Casa Grande, we recognize that there is so much to celebrate in life, from beginning to end! That’s why we also have party rooms for our residents to use. This ensures they are able to stay connected to their social circles through special events like birthday parties.
  • Satellite TV Programming

    We know that our residents often have programs that they like to watch or want to keep up to date with the latest world news. As such, we provide satellite TV for residents who may want to take advantage of this amenity.
  • Community Telephones

    Staying in regular contact with loved ones is important for seniors to feel truly at home at our residential facility. That’s why we offer community telephones that any of our residents can use to make or receive calls.
  • All Utilities Included

    At Casa Grande Senior Care Homes, all utilities are included in the price, making it convenient and affordable to take care of all expenses. The one exception to this is if the resident chooses to have a private phone line in their room.
  • Central & Individual Climate Control

    In order for a community to be a comfortable place to live, it’s essential to have climate control. At Casa Grande, we ensure our residents are as comfortable as possible by offering climate control in our common areas as well as individual climate control units for each of the apartments.
  • Coordination with Personal Physician

    Communication is essential to good medical care. At our Visalia senior assisted living facility, we prioritize ensuring that our residents are receiving the best care possible by coordinating with their primary care doctors.
  • Complete Maintenance of Building & Grounds

    You don’t have to worry about your senior loved one living in a shabby facility or stumbling over poorly maintained landscaping when they live at Casa Grande. We are diligent about maintenance of our building and grounds so that our residents can be comfortable and safe.
  • Beautiful Landscaping & Gardens

    Our landscaping and gardens are a sight to see. We believe that spending time in nature is beneficial to people of all ages, and our senior residents love to walk, sit, read, and chat in our community gardens. We ensure that these outdoor spaces are beautiful, clean, and safe for all of our residents.
  • Beautiful Outdoor Gazebo

    The gazebo is a favorite spot for our senior residents to take their loved ones when they come and visit. This tranquil place to sit and observe the beauty of the surrounding gardens is an enduring favorite among everyone here at Casa Grande.
  • Computer Center

    Contrary to popular belief, many of our senior residents are computer literate and use technology as a resource to stay connected to their families, their community, and their hobbies. We have a computer center so if your senior loved one likes to send emails or use the computer for research, they are able to without having to buy their own.
  • On-Site Beauty/Barber Shop

    We ensure that our residential assisted living facility has many amenities so that seniors are able to maintain their usual standard of living while receiving the extra care that they need. One of the high priorities for seniors is that they are able to maintain their usual put-together appearance. We offer an on-site beauty/barber shop for that reason.
  • Elegant Dining Room

    When it comes to mealtime, we work to make sure that our residents have an enjoyable experience. That’s why we offer not only quality food, but an elegant dining room in which they can savor their breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the other residents and their families.
  • Exercise & Therapy Room

    Many of our residents require physical therapy for their ailments. We make it convenient for them to receive this care by providing a therapy room where they can meet with their physical therapist. This is also an exercise room, as many of our residents choose to maintain an exercise routine for peak physical fitness.
  • Media & Game Room

    It’s important for seniors to have many outlets for entertainment to keep their minds sharp and to feel connected to others. That’s why we have a media and game room, where residents can watch movies or their favorite television programs, as well as listen to music, read books, and play a selection of board games.
  • Pharmacy Delivery

    Many of our residents have prescriptions that they need to take for their health conditions. We make it convenient for them to access their prescribed medications by offering pharmacy delivery. Residents never have to worry about whether or not they will have their medication because it is brought directly to them.
  • Arranged Transportation

    When residents do need to leave our assisted living community, we make sure that they do so safely and efficiently. We can arrange transportation for your senior loved one so they can get where they need to go with the care that they require.
  • 24 Hour Dedicated Staff

    You don’t have to worry about your senior loved one being left without care. For 24 hours a day, we have staff on-site to attend to any of their needs. If there is an emergency in the middle of the night, we are there to ensure we can address it promptly and proactively.
  • Showers with Grab Bars

    We designed our senior living community with the needs of the elder population in mind. That’s why we include a variety of safety features, including grab bars in all of our showers. This added precaution makes a world of difference in preventing falls, one of the biggest risks for the senior demographic.
  • Luxurious Furnishings & Artwork

    One of the aspects of our community that attracts people the most is that it’s an aesthetically pleasing place to live. We prioritize a gorgeous living space so that seniors can feel that they are living in the lap of luxury in their twilight years. Our furnishings are beautiful, comfortable, and elegant, and we feature eye-catching artwork as well.
  • Landscaped Courtyards & Walking Paths

    Walking is one of the healthiest habits for seniors, so we make sure that they are able to with beautifully landscaped courtyards and walking paths. These beautiful outdoor spaces are a favorite among residents for taking a leisurely stroll around the facility or a more brisk jog for their health.
  • Secured Gated Community Living

    Security is of the utmost importance for us. We want to make sure that your senior loved one is safe in our facility. We have a secure gate to keep our residents safe inside our community so you don’t have to worry about them wandering off or being targeted by criminals.
  • Parking For Your Car

    We want to make sure that you and your senior loved one are able to see each other in the most convenient way possible, which is why we offer convenient and accessible parking at our Visalia assisted living facility.
  • Wireless Internet

    We make sure that our residents have the most access possible to the world around them so that they don’t feel isolated. We offer wireless internet so that seniors can stay connected to you, their other loved ones, and the world around them.

About Casa Grande Senior Care

Casa Grande Senior Care is a unique residential care facility, designed to meet the special needs of individuals who require assistance with their daily activities. If you’re looking for a nursing home for the 21st century, we’re here for you. Contact us to learn more about our BBB-accredited residential senior living community in Visalia! 

“My mother is in memory care at Casa Grande. We chose it because of proximity to my home, it's clean and cheerful, and the facility has what she needs, like activities, games, and large common areas where visitors come in and put on religious music. They have outings for those who are interested and able. They have a hair stylist who comes in if you need that, food and their own kitchen, a podiatrist who comes in on a schedule, a doctor if you choose to use them, and hospice can come in if necessary. The rooms are a nice size. The staff is friendly and personable.”

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