Casa Grande Senior Care is a unique residential care facility, designed to meet the special needs of individuals who require assistance with their daily activities. 

Our facility is staffed 24-hours a day and we feature fully gated premises.  Our secured "Garden Court" cares specifically for Alzheimer's and advanced Dementia.


~Now offering End of Life Care for our families 
and Respite Care inquiries are always welcome~



The Silveira Family

It all began in 1973, when Joe & Maria Silveira decided that they would care for a few elderly folks in their own home, bringing them into their own family. Their home expanded into another home and yet another after that. In 1984, they decided to build a facility with an as close to home feel as their own had always been. Our Homes have grown as our family has throughout these years, with multiple Houses all on the same grounds and along with that, multiple levels of care. Joe Jr., Lisa and Robert grew up with the elderly in their home and lives, they are now the faces of Administration.
The Silveira Family owns and operates Casa Grande Senior Care Homes & Assisted Living.